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Well, after a number of failed attempts (constantly getting the "Installation failed The installation has run out of space..." message) I called Lincoln Concierge. They put me through to Sync help where I spoke to Brandon who gave me two very important bits of information.

1. If you are formatting a USB flash drive with a Mac, you need to format as ExFAT and NOT MS-DOS while using Disk Utility. In Disk Utility, select the flash drive you want to format, choose Erase, and then select ExFAT and Master Boot Record. Otherwise it won't work, I was told.

2. Do not use the Mac default decompressor to unzip the file you download from Lincoln. It unzips incorrectly. Use another decompressor. I went to the Mac App Store and downloaded "Dr. Unarchiver". It did indeed unzip differently. The Mac unzips to generate only files within a folder. Dr. Unarchiver (and Stuffit Expander) unzipped into two files and a folder called "SyncMyRide" and then files within that folder. Copy the two files and the SyncMyRide to your flash drives root (top) directory.

Once I did those two things, I plugged the 4GB flash drive into my MCK and the update started. It took 25 minutes.

You will not see the new updated information on your version screen until the next time you turn on your car. And by that I mean, turn your car off, step out of the car, lock your car, wait a minute, and then get back into your car.

More than likely you will get a "Loading map..." message on your screen if you start your car shortly after the update. Do not despair. I actually waited over 25 minutes for that message to disappear, but it only disappeared and loaded the maps correctly after turning off the car and waiting about an hour.

Good news: all my navigation points were preserved. As were the Bluetooth connections to the two phones that had been paired previously.

Hope this helps someone out.
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