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The other day I decided to go down and check out the new MKC. I currently own a 2010 Lexus RX350 and was want something a little smaller. I had been to the premier of the Lexus NX and was a little disappointed in some of the materials used in the interior and the lack of options on the NX.

I have to say the MKC has it hands down on the NX. I was so impressed with the switch gear and the materials used throughout the cabin. The leather in the MKC is absolutely awesome. The 2.3 eco-boost idled smooth and was very quiet. The Nav was easy to use and was very responsive. The exterior looks are very handsome and you could not ask for any more options.

Here is the other shoe dropping. I was ready to buy one until I sat in the back seat. That is only good for children or really horizontally and vertically challenged adults. What a deal breaker. I am a realtor and there is no way I would feel good about asking a client to get back there. The cargo area was pretty minimal as well. I am 6'1" and 185 lbs so with the seat set to my liking, I could barely get into the back seat and then my knees were against the seat and in my face.

Lincoln is headed in the right direction that is for sure. The new MKX is due out soon and if they do as good of job with it as they have the MKC (except rear seat) they will have a hit and perhaps a new customer.

BTW This forum has been great and after reading everyone's comments I decided to check out the MKC. Thanks.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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