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Hi folks,

Great to be a member of the MKC community.

I purchased an MKC from a UK American car dealer back in 2016. The dealers knows very little about the car, so i'm essentially on my own!

In 2 years since owning the car, i've never seen another MKC over here, so its great to join the forums as i have a few questions !

Does anyone get either Apple or Google maps in the US through Sync 3 running CarPlay ?

I have an MKC 2016 2.3L Reserve in the UK
The only navigation available to me is Lincoln navigation with US maps.
The only mobile app that i get is Spotify, although i have set up an Apple US store account so i could download my lincoln way app (not that is of any use in the UK)

I want to try enable either Apple or Google maps, so i don't have to use my iPhone screen

if 3rd party navigation is locked out in Lincolns Sync, does anyone know of a company in the US that can hack the Sync 3 computer to enable the full Ford sync 3 experience ?
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