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January Incentives?

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I see the incentives in my area are expiring on Jan. 5th. Any idea or word on what the revised incentives will be? I would hope they would increase since the sales numbers seem to be slipping some.
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This is not my opinion but rather is the general timeline from a former car dealer who now has his own car advice show. The absolute best month for incentives and sales is December. The absolute worst is January. Incentives should resurface in March.
No slipping. Best month to date is December: 2,310 MKC's sold.
No slipping. Best month to date is December: 2,310 MKC's sold.
Every car manufacture had record sales for month of December . " no slipping" for anyone
Compare Lincoln MKC Nov sales 2152 to Dec sales 2310
Take like Acura RDX Nov sales 3436 to Dec sales 5156
The RDX had over 50% sale growth ( if my math correct ) from month of Nov to Dec. compare to only less then 10% ( only 158 SUV ) sales growth for MKC from month of Nov to Dec
Just some food for thought :nerd
Acura RDX sales were a wild rollercoaster ride the pasted 5 years, their second best was a 4930 in May of 2013. Therefore this 5156 in Dec 2015, is only a 226 unit growth in 19 months? Is that like around 4.5% growth 19 months?

Acura RDX Sales Figures - GOOD CAR BAD CAR

That is how some vehicles sales appear at times do so great month to month, they just continue to ride the rollercoaster, up and down and up and down! And speak only of those ups.

Just keeping the playing field fair.
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