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Q&A with Car and Driver...

C/D: How goes Lincoln’s resurrection?

JF: Nowadays, everyone wants instant answers and fixes, but right now we’re focused on building Lincoln’s foundation. When I first came here, we owned Jaguar, Land Rover, and Aston Martin, so Lincoln’s role was nebulous. But we had a real hunch that Lincoln was a brand that people could fall in love with again. Lincoln won’t be like a German brand, and it’s not about being big. It will be more organic and more surprising. Black Label will be our next new footprint—the ability to customize your car. I love the idea of democratizing personal choice. Eventually, Lincoln will have solid product entries in all the volume segments. I’ve been involved in a lot of design reviews, and I’m satisfied with the surprises coming up.
C/D: Will Lincoln have a halo car?

JF: Specialty vehicles don’t create imagery for you. Customers look at your BMW 3-series or your Audi A4, at your execution of mainstream models. I gravitate to authentic things, things that go to the essence of the brand.
C/D: Just as new CEO Mark Fields took office, Kumar Galhotra became president of the Lincoln brand. Do those men have a different vision for Lincoln, or will they carry out the multiyear plan you’ve already put in place?

JF: We’re all committed to Lincoln as a world-class luxury brand and have a very aggressive plan for Lincoln that the whole team will execute. We developed the plan together. We will execute the plan together.
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