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Well - we just got our new ride on Saturday. The wife seems to really like the new MKC. Silver Sand with the two tone interior. All options besides 20's and THX. Replacing a C350 Benz.

I am afraid it will be too small for our few road trips, but she wanted something zippy to compare to the C350 in around town driving. So, she won. It's her car after all. Figured we could use the trailer hitch to add one of those external storage boxes or something if space got tight.

Anyways - a few questions - hoping youz can help.

- Why are the towing specs for the 2.3 liter LESS than the 2.0 liter? I assume it has something to do with the AWD, but I don't know why.

- Is it safe to put a screen protector on the LCD screen? Something like you put on a phone?

- Has anyone figured out a use for the in-car WIFI connection? I can't figure out a reason why I would want to connect my car to WIFI - especially if it only works while parked.

Thanks all in advance - and looking forward to some cool mod discussions!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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