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Has anybody else noticed when you build a MKC on there website the prices have been adjusted little bit higher then last months?馃槺
Like the reserve package is now $7110 was $6935,
20' wheels now $1145 was $995
19' wheels now $545 was $395
Trailor tow now$645 was $495
There is just a couple Examples :nerd:
You can see this by looking at old window sticker on your dealer lot . The new inventory or window sticker that say dealer just order has new higher prices on them.
Has anybody else noticed or no why this is?
Maybe MKC getting ready for March incentive to be raised up $500 or $1000 more and making up different this why?

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Ah mm, because costs of just about everything is always on the rise. There is always a price increase every few months on all vehicles new and used. I prefer to pay the extra for the most recent vehicle on the lot equipped just how I want it. Manufactures only tend to raise incentives on old stock, dated designs or slow selling products
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