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Keyless Entry Pad - Question

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Still learning about our new MKC. Today I wanted to program a personal code into the keyless entry keypad. I've read the manual, and understood the instructions, but I can't even get to the programming because the keypad doesn't light up when I touch it. I'm thinking I must be missing something. Is there some setting inside the vehicle that activates/deactivates this function?

The manual says that the keypad is invisible until touched. Mine doesn't light up when I touch it. It DOES light up when I have the key fob close-by and then touch the door handle. But when I don't have the key fob, there's no response or lighting up when I touch the pad. When I do have the fob and the pad lights up (when I touch the door handle), the pad doesn't seem to respond to number presses.

Any thoughts on what I'm missing? Thanks.
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Something's not right. Mine lights up at the first touch without the key fob near the vehicle.

I use it often when I need to access my garage door opener. First touch - numbers are illuminated. Enter my new personal code - doors unlock. Press 7/8 & 9/0 - doors re-lock.
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