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Lighting in the rear?

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Seems the light in the rear cargo area is out. The above lighting and the moodlighting work but not back there.
I wonder if there is a separate switch I may have hit by mistake??
Any ideas??
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There is only the one cargo light on the passenger side down low, between the rear seat back and subwoofer. If the other entry and exit white lamps come on then cargo lamp would also be on, when the hatch is opened. Those are controled by the interior brightness and off control to the right of Headlamp control. An additional light or two in the hatch would be a good move in the future.
Yeah...seems they are working but that single light is not. Now that I think about it..I had to go back to the dealer to have the trailer wiring harness put on, and maybe the disconnected it or broke it when they were working back there....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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