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Lincoln design boss Moray Callum had some interesting things to say when interviewed about Lincoln recently. Here are some of the cool things that he said.


“We talk a lot about rear-wheel drive from a design perspective. What we actually really like is rear-wheel-drive proportions, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be the rear-wheel drive that gives you that, you can work on all-drive technology to give you that kind of proportion.”
On Lincoln's future:

“We've not been shy from saying Lincoln is a work in progress. So really, it just shows that we are putting the effort into Lincoln to really produce a premium brand and differentiate it from Ford."
On Lincoln's design language:

“I think we need to progress the design language as we have it today… and as any design language it will evolve... I think you’ll see changes big and small.”
Do you think Lincoln will do RWD in the future, or will they just go with RWD proportions?

What should be next for Lincoln as it is still a "work in progress?"

How would you like to see Lincoln's design language evolve?
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