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Lincoln MKC European Experience with Justin Bell, part 2

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Here it is embedded for everyone. Thanks for posting this up for the forum.

Great video, thanks for posting it. Good to see these reviews for it coming out now.
What other publications do you guys want to see reviews from?
There are a few publications that I really enjoy the reviews from. and Consumer Reports do a good job in my opinion.
Consumer Reports is probabaly the best definition of a punch line I have ever heard. I've never trusted CR over my own gut, yet when it came out that they've overstated the brilliance of the model S that was really the nail in their coffin.

Oh well what do you expect from a society without the collective brain power to read a book through... Farm out that opinion oh YES.


This video I find odd because the MKC is not sold in Europe, so of course it gets the proletariat all uppity...

This is what I see on iPad with an embedded video. Assume it must look better for others . . . What change to the link for embedding? Thx!
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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