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Lincoln MKC Nominated for World Luxury Car of the Year

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The Lincoln MKC has been nominated for World Luxury Car of the Year. It joins some pretty weighty competitors so it won't be a cake walk to win the grand prize. That winner will be announced on April 2nd at the New York International Auto Show.

Here are the nominees forthe 2015 World Luxury Car of the Year:
- BMW i8
- BMW X6
- Cadillac ATS Coupe
- Cadillac Escalade
- Kia K900
- Lexus NX
- Lexus RC
- Lincoln MKC
- Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe
- Range Rover Autobiography Black LWB

Do you think that the MKC has any chance of winning the big prize here?
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Not bad at all!
Lincoln did a really good job with the MKC this time around and really deserved to be placed how they are currently here,
Dont think they will make it thats some tough competition and all the others are much higher priced. IE: Escalade 70 K
Good that the MKC is named in that company. I have never heard of the "WLCY", and can only guess what their criteria are. Most of the world has never heard of the brand Lincoln.
But if they are ready to pick a mid-upper market LCUV, the MKC should have a shot with objective judges.
No sales are not good - but that's are secret.
Since when is Kia luxury?
Go look at a Kia 900 and you will know what luxury is !!! Also has a 60K price tag.

^^ that is until you drive/ride in one. KIA's look good n offer a good bang for your buck but they are no where near "luxury". that's just my opinion
I wouldn't pay $60k for a Kia
^^ exactly
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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