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Lincoln MKC Official Interior Dimensions

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Here are the official interior dimensions of the 2015 Lincoln MKC including cargo capacities.

Measurements in Inches

Headroom: First row 39.6/Second row 38.7
Legroom: First row (maximum) 42.8/Second row 36.8
Shoulder room: First row 56.0/Second row 55.3
Hip room: First row 54.4/Second row 52.8

Cargo volume behind first row: 53.1 cu. ft.
Cargo volume behind second row: 25.2 cu. ft.
Total passenger volume: 97.9 cu. ft.
Interior volume (min. cargo/max. pass.): 123.0 cu. ft.
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Doesn't seem too bad at all. Do you know what vehicles this compares with thats on the market right now?
As anticipated it's just a tad smaller than the primary competitors. Shoulder room and cargo capacity both suffer marginally, although front leg room is impressive. I'm very comfortable with the MKC's dimensions.

Below is a link to a dimensional comparison between the Q5, X3, SRX and XC60. (The Enclave is the "sponsored" vehicle and is obviously quite a bit larger.) The RDX isn't in the chart, but it maintains similar dimensions. You can replace any vehicle in the chart with something else if you want to see how it stacks up. The Rav4 would give you an idea how the NX will compare dimensionally, although the NX's cargo capacity should fall well short of the Rav4's published capacity due to the lower roofline.

Crossover Comparison
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