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Lincoln will launch in China this year and the MKC will be its first product

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Late this year Ford will finally launch the Lincoln brand in China. It is expected that the official debut will be at the Guangshou Auto Show in November. The first product that Lincoln will sell in China is its brand new MKC SUV which just debuted in Detroit earlier this month.

Lincoln has plans to produce MKC models in China. That should be ready to go at some point in late 2015. Until then, Lincoln will import the MKC into China. Setting up for production of the MKC in China shouldn't be too hard though since the MKC is based on the same platform as the Ford Edge/Kuga, which is already manufactured in China at the Changan-Ford joint venture.

Lincoln is also rumored to be creating a long-wheelbase version of the MKC that would only be sold in China. This would probably be a good business move since the Chinese prefer to be driven and their cars, which means the back seat needs that extra leg room.

The Lincoln MKC will be offered in China with two different engines. The first is a 2.0-liter turbo that puts out 237 horsepower and 366 Nm of torque. The second is a 2.3-liter turbo that produces 270 horsepower and 407 Nm. Both engines are connected to a 6-speed PowerShift DCT.

I think that it says a lot about how confident Lincoln is in the MKC that the MKC is going to be the first vehicle to be sold under the brand in China. They must think that it has a better chance of success than the MKZ.
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Good choice on making this their first product.
It sure seems like they built the MKC with intention of making it a world vehicle, it's not your typical lincoln
well i think they're just trying to go head to head with audi. The Q5 is one of the most demanded vehicles in China and its retailing there for the equivalent of USD $100K. thats a gravy train no one wants to miss ;)
I think this is a good choice

The MKC seems to be the perfect car for Asia

Good looks, affordable price, good space.

The MKZ would seem like a good move as well but the design might be risky since it is already a controversial design.
Do you guys think they will do anything special to it for China?
How do you think that Lincoln will be received in China as they have not had experience with the brand before? Will it be seen as equal in luxury to the likes of Audi, Cadillac, etc... I mean if the MKC was the first thing you saw from Lincoln, what would your opinion of the brand be?
It could be a rough start for them but knowing that we'd have to start with how Chinese people view american luxury cars.
Dallas Auto Show is coming up February 19-23. The MKC is one of the vehicles that is supposed to be there. If a Lincoln rep of any sort shows up I will ask the rep to provide me a tighter street date than "summer."
I have a feeling that the Chinese being sheltered from Lincoln in the 2000s is going to give them a much more favorable view of Lincoln than we have in the West. Lincoln still is battling against its old image in North America, but if you judge it solely on its new vehicles I think it looks much better.
you are right.
lincoln has a fresh start in china

and china being the fastest growing auto market in the world.. its good.
Isn't Buick more popular in China for some of the same reasons that I mentioned above?
I'm not sure how popular they are right now

isn't hte mkc their entrance to the market?
from my understanding the MKC is their entrance to the market. seems like the MKZ could be next
that would make sense

they might need to refresh the MKZ for the chinese market though.
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