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Looking For Radar Detector.

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I am selecting Escort Solo 3
It is basic & Coordless.
Any advise Appreciated.
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I am a fan of the Valentine 1's. Can't beat the arrows and they are constantly updating the features and they have upgrade programs.

You can see the install in my MKC here:
Those things are very illegal here in Canada....if you get pulled over and one is found, it gets confiscated, a hefty fine and I think 3 points... and 100 lashings in a public square....well, maybe they stopped the public lashings this year LOL.
I used to have a Uniden with VG2 undetectable, and never GOT detected...worked fine.....I use a different radar detector nowadays: I never exceed the speed limit beyond 9km, at 10 over they will ticket you!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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