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Hey All,
Here I am New to the MKC forum, but not new to Ford products.
I am getting ready to tackle "Radiator Cooling Fan assy" replacement on my daughter's 2017 MKC 2.0t this weekend. I have replaced similar assemblies on various older fords, but this is the newest vehicle I have attempted, and I would like to do some recon through a manual or video before I start. I ordered a PDF service manual today, but ti wont get a down load key for at least 12+ hrs, That part is fine with me since they are a reputable supplier, I have bought manuals from them in the past, and they are well detailed.

However, being the impatient type person i am, can any one point me to some online literature that I can review in case My PDF manuals don't arrive tomorrow?

My apologies for being a 1st time poster here, and asking for stuff already. :rolleyes:

Thanks for the time.

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How do I check my inbox? I鈥檝e looked everywhere and I cannot find my inbox did you respond to me yet?
Nope just saw the post. Will try to get them to you tonight
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