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Well doesn't look like there are many people posting what options and what not they got and full break down of their price here on the site. Doing so will help everyone get better deals and have more negotiation power. I plan on doing that once I close my deal but for now I wanted to post up the prices I've gotten. I will update once I get back the quotes from the 5 dealers bidding in the area.

2015 MKC 102a Ruby Red exterior Ebony interior no additional options

True Car Pricing
41,600msrp (including delivery fee)
-1,660 truecar discount
-836 install option discount
-1,000 loyalty discount
-750 military discount
+145 Doc Fee
+129 dealer required vin etching fee
Total Price $37,608

x-plan pricing
41,565msrp (including delivery fee)
40,150 x-plan price
-1,000 loyalty discount
-750 xplan discount
+ unknown doc fee
+ unknown other fees
Total Price $38,400+ other fees

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Fwd , 2.0 , xplan doesn't control dealer fees like truecar does so would vary by dealer. Even with our fees it's already more $$ than truecar. Waiting on phone calls from dealers to get quotes still they must be busy today, one thinks he can beat true car price.

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Well looks like I have the deal I'm going with here in Houston at Bayway Lincoln. They have been the best at communicating, the most agressive up front with the price and kept a positive desire to earn my business. I am very happy with how everything has went thus far hopefully filling out the paper work goes as smooth and getting the vehical transfered from another local dealer also goes smooth.

$41,565 MSRP
Price paid is $37,250+TTL

Also got the following items free
Window tint
Touch up paint kit
All weather cargo mat and floor mats
Reversable cargo mat
Free mount and balance of tires for life of vehicle

Also free items I didin't ask for
Free tank of gas everytime the car is brought in for service
Free ipad

Hopefully there are no issues with paperwork or getting the car transfered to their lot.

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Not sure what they used if anything just know it wasn't x-plan I talked to them about truecar ( I think they might have used it)

They have it listed as $1,750 worth of rebate (incentive) listed on the paperwork.

41,565 msrp
38,871 negotiated
129 (mandatory charge by state for vin etching on glass)
1,750 "rebate"

Out the door with all taxs and state fees
$39,941.15 + got all the free stuff listed above

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that looks like a great deal to me.

10% below MSRP before TTL
4% below MSRP after TTL
plus all the free goodies.

good job. :)
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