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Lound Engine Noise when accelerating

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I just purchased a used 2015 MKC at 19,000 miles. It is a 2.0 FWD.
I absolutely love this car. However...I noticed when I accelerate, the engine sounds pretty loud (Airplane or droning noise. No cluncking). I did not notice this in the test drive so I do not know what could of happened. My husband even thought this was abnormal for a luxury vehicle. I am pretty disappointed. I noticed this car has not been brought in for any of its recalls. There is a recall for the fuel pump. I don't know if this has anything to do with the engine being loud but I am kind of worried now. I am also worried the dealership will say this is normal and I will be stuck with this. Has anyone experienced this? I appreciate your advice. Thanks!
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Is it loud in lower gears? such as 1st and second gear?...don't forget these engines are 4 cylinder and they do create a bit of a buzz in lower gears....once you hit 3rd, 4th 5th and 6th it should get progressively quieter.....during these loud incidents, are you noticing any shake?
I would take it in for the recalls ASAP, generally speaking, recalls are mandated by government and manufactures must comply,TSB's are a whole other thing altogether.
It is possible during your initial test drive you may not have noticed the loudness? It's kinda hard figuring out and trouble shooting based on a description "pretty loud, airplane or droning noise".
It is quite possible someone( maybe previous owner) for whatever reason removed some or all of the soundproofing in the engine bay,which would allow engine harmonic sound to penetrate the cabin...
Have you checked the engine oil level? extremely low oil level WILL create a louder sounding engine,and could also result in catastrophic engine damage.
If you are truly concerned, I would suggest you have it checked out as soon as possible.....How does it idle? is it quiet on idle, more like a consistent purr or is it loping, stumbling?....trying to understand.
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It idles quietly. First few gears are quiet. And it will stay quiet only if I do not accelerate too fast. Once I push down the gas pedel and get in to 3 and 4th gear is when I notice a winding noise...kind of like the RPM's are going to high but they are not. I notice a small vibration in the gas pedal too. But once I get into the higher gear is gets quiet again. I feel like something is not right but I purchased a lease vehicle and the previous owner probably did not care too much about changing the oil regularly. I just keep reading how quiet the cabin of this vehicle is suppose to be and I feel like I have to turn on the radio in order to not get upset about it. Its not extremely noisey but I upgraded vehicles and my last vehicle was much more quiet in the cabin and the engine did not give a rev up sound when I push down on the gas.
^^ I would take it in to get checked. The MKC is one of the quietest rides I've been in. It's actually pretty amazing.

Even tho your MKC was a lease doesn't mean it wasn't maintenance regularly. I believe it still has to be as part of the lease contract.

If there we're recalls and not TSB definitely take it in. I would take it in for TSB if it had to do with the engine/transmission.

Congrats and good luck!!
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That definitely doesn't sound right. Like candy said the recalls they have to do and most dealerships take care of the TSBs if they are affecting you. I would definitely get it back in and looked at. Did you buy CPO or from a Lincoln dealer?
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That's a bit better to trouble shoot....
I suspect the input shaft rear bearing might be the culprit: without hard load,oil journals keep the oil gallies and bearings swimming in oil...if the inner load bearing developed some play between it and the input shaft....and you add load to the trans,the higher rpm will sling out the oil and bearing will starts high pitched when it first starts to go,and gets progressively deeper tone, creating a lot more shake! Bearings nowadays are a lot weaker than back in the day...Ball stays ( race cages) were manufactured in steel....I ran Shelby's with high HP/torque and quarter mile a bit...never blew out a bearing...and I'm talking 800hp+
Before you get inside the trans make sure you check out the driveline up to the transfer case,loose/worn U joints....look for balance strip still on the driveshaft, usually 1/4" X 5/8"....Have you noticed any noise when cornering, either right or left?
Any change in sound when applying brakes? high pitched or grinding/vibration?
Ill have a chat with a friend of mine that knows trannies,well......been a transmission mech for the last 30 years.
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This is why I suspect a bearing at the input shaft:
"First few gears are quiet. And it will stay quiet only if I do not accelerate too fast. Once I push down the gas pedel and get in to 3 and 4th gear is when I notice a winding noise.."
When you add load,distortion becomes felt because of higher revs, centrifugal force drains the inner bearing runner causing that sounds you describe
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Wow! Thanks so much for the input. I will take to my Ford dealer and see what they think. I two recalls on it they are planning to fix but I also told them that I wanted them to check out the noise issue as well. I just know something is not right. It is not squeling but I can tell it is louder than it should be. There is vibration in the steering wheel when idling. Also in the pedels too. Not enough to throw a fit about but since I have driven a few cars in my life....I can tell that this is not normal.
I AM THRILLED RIGHT NOW! I just got back from the Ford dealer and they drove it and heard the noise that I had been hearing. They took it into their garage and then brought me my car in 10 minutes. Said problem is fixed. They said there is a seal on the exhaust that came loose and they needed to tighten it back up. That was it! OH MY GOSH! I could of hugged the service guy but instead shook his hand. I was prepared for the worst. Now I just need to get my recalls taken care of and then we are golden. Thank you for your all of your help. I hope this experience can help someone in the future incase they have a similar issue like mine.
thank goodness..
good luck with it moving forward!
Have them check the wheel balancing for you, more than likely you're off'll be surprised how much throw out an ounce can be felt when you have rotating mass.
Happy to hear it was an exhaust issue, you description made me think otherwise, glad it's all fixed, start her up and lets go racing hehehehe!
I had a 2.0 as a loaner while my 2.3 was in for service. I got out on the open highway and prodded on it, and it sounded like a supercharger whining for about 10 seconds. It eventually went away after a few hard throttle prods. I noticed the same thing in a 2.0 Fusion. Something to think about, not exactly sure what causes the whine but I feel it's something to do with the turbo.
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