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I got my 2017 Lincoln MKC Reserve in Platinum white with 20 inch wheels on August 24. I was basically happy with it throughout the early days eagerly learning about the new gadgets. But I have become very disappointed with it lately. About 5 weeks in to ownership and 1850 KMS on the clock it failed to start one morning. We jumped it and I took it to the dealer on October 1 where it remains today.

The dealer has been very good to me and they have been working on it to find the problem. Finally with the assistance of the Lincoln Hotline they located a faulty module which is now on order. Hopefully that cures the problem and I get back on the road with it again.

Yes my dealer has been good but after poking around I think this was a problem on the 2016's and Lincoln has failed to correct it. Needless to say I am not impressed with the Lincoln Motor Company after paying over $50,000,00 (Canadian) for a vehicle that hasn't been in my drive for well over a week.

I never had this sort of problem with my Cadillacs. As a matter of fact the last two Caddies were only in the shop for routine maintenance.
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My dealer was very good to work on the problem with my MKC and after a module replacement and some updating we are back in service.

My car was returned to me in great shape - all cleaned up.

Great work Grogan Lincoln Watford ON
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