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I'm not sure if you guys have played around with this yet of not, but Lincoln has a Colorizer function up on the MKC's website. It only provides you 360 views and the paint options, no actuall configuring to be done..

I do have to say Midnight Sapphire looks striking virtually as does Smoked Quartz. I was kind of into Tahitian Pearl but that option looks languid, probabaly have to wait to see her in the metal...

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Awesome, thanks for posting this, i'll have a look.
Lincoln did a really great job with this website and the colorizer. After browsing through all the color choices, I think that I am going to go for the blue color. I like the contrast between the blue and the red light bar. I don't like getting neutral tones really, but I like that the blue isn't too bold.
The Midnight Sapphire is definitely one of my favorite colors. I think the color configurator makes it look a little more blue than the auto show sample pictured below. I also really like the Smoke Quartz and Ruby Red. The silver appeals to me because it's easy to maintain. The only color I really don't like is the gold. I had a chance to see a gold test vehicle on the highway outside Detroit, and it doesn't look any better in person.

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under the configurator it let me build one. like add options and stuff
under the configurator it let me build one. like add options and stuff
What did the final price end up being for you with the way you configured it?
This is what I got: ERROR
Looks like something went wrong. Please try the homepage or select one of the links below. :-(
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