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One of the unique features of the MKC is the Deepsoft seating surfaces provided by Bridge of Weir Fine Scottish Leather.

“Feel is a very important part of the luxury car experience and Deepsoft leather gives our customers a luxury feel that they can only get in the MKC,” said Jenny Kubinec, Lincoln color and material designer.
Deepsoft leather is defined by Bridge of Weir as semi-aniline, treated with only a partial protectant to maintain its soft touch. Unlike many other leathers, Deepsoft leather is chromium-free, non-embossed and naturally milled which gives it a less uniform appearance. The natural grain remains visible, which gives a unique look to this leather.

Another difference is that Deepsoft leather is dried for 16 hours, compared to other leathers which are only dried for 2 hours.

What do you guy s think of this leather for the interior. Does anyone have better close up pictures so we can see the difference between this leather and other leathers?
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