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MKC vs NX: Interiors

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Its easy to beat up on lexus from a styling standpoint, however where Lexus does excel is their interiors. They are some of the best in the league at wrapping you in comfort and class. Now thats not to say Lincoln is not capable, its just going to be harder to trounce the NX on interior than it was on exterior...

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I have mixed feelings about the NX's interior. It looks somewhat claustrophobic thanks in large part to the huge center console. That said, it does look quite classy and comfortable. I don't like the trend toward infotainment monitors that appear to be an afterthought, but from a purely functional standpoint I am of the opinion that higher is better.
Interior on the Lexus is easier to look at than it's exterior, at the end I still prefer how the Lincoln is designed
Both the MKC and the NX have great style in my opinion. I really like the natural wood material in the Lincoln interior. The NX is great on the inside but I'm not so sure about the leather color options. I might like it more with a different material on the seats.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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