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Joined because I have a friend just getting ready to retire, and since I am a "car guy", he wanted my recommendation on a Retirement Gift (Car) for himself. I suggested the MKC, and have been doing a lot of research for him. I found this site and have been reading through most of the posts. I might even consider an MKC when I decided to trade in a couple of years.
Curious if anyone has had experience with Lincoln only dealers v/s Ford/Lincoln dealers. I used a Ford/Lincoln dealer when I ordered my 2014 MKX, mainly because I was trading in a 13 F-150 Platinum, and thought I could get a better trade price than at the Lincoln only dealer. I don't have any complaints about service at the Ford/Lincoln dealer, but will probably go Lincoln only dealer next time just to see what kind of an upgrade they give in service. I have a 79 Wedgewood Blue Continental Mark V as one of my collector cars with only 17,000 original miles, 3 Thunderbirds (56, 59, 04), and 2 Mustangs, (66 and 2012 converts). Definitely enjoying this site. The MKX Forum doesn't seem to get as much action.
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I have a Lincoln only dealer (Napleton Glenview IL) and so far thay have been better than the Cadillac dealer I dealt with before. We went from a 2011 Ford Edge (similar to a MKX) to the MKC. I'm also close to retiring and we wanted smaller and more up-scale (kids are half out the door). The MKC has delivered on all points so far.
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I guess you are near me. I got my 14 MKX at Buss Ford/Lincoln in McHenry. Bought 2 f-150's from them. Considering Libertyville Lincoln next time, since they are about 10 miles away. One thing I have noticed is that Napelton is showing discounted pricing on their site when almost none of the other dealers are showing anything except the small rebate..
We bought from a Ford\Lincoln dealer. Did not have a choice based on location. However, the Lincoln brand is supposed to be separated from Ford (separate area of showroom as a minimum) & service should be "Lincoln" quality (free loaners, etc). We love our MKC. Service\dealer experience has been OK but not terrific.
Certainly not at a level with BMW (we traded a BMW for the MKC) or Volvo (my daily driver).
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