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Mr. McConaughey Boosts Lincoln Sales

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Matthew McConauhey has been promoting Lincolns since late August, and it seems to be working. Lincoln sold 15,403 vehicles in the US in August and September. That's 5% more than the same period last year. Another way to look at those numbers is to compare them to Cadillac and Buick's sales which saw decreases of 11 percent and 2 percent respectively.

A digital marketing company Crimson Hexagon found that 18,000 tweets (21% positive, and 13% negative) have mentioned McConaughey and Lincoln since the ads started.

We don't know what sales would be like without McConaughey, but for now it seems that his presence was money well spent.

McConaughey Ads Give Lincoln Some Sales Momentum - Businessweek
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The MKC had something to do about it

I saw that artical also. Its was nice to read that the MKC had something to do about it:

"Of course, the car McConaughey is pitching has something to do with the sales bump. The MKC, Lincoln’s new small SUV (“crossover,” if you like) has been warmly received by critics—the same reviewers who have grown so practiced at putting down Lincoln and wondering whether Ford will scrap the badge."
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