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Just finished our Date Night in the Lincoln MKC. Picked up the car Saturday morning from my local Lincoln/Ford dealer. The staff were very friendly and helpful. We got a white Platinum, 2.0 liter version with the Reserve equipment group and the Technology Package. The sales person commented that their Lincoln sales were up over 200% due to the Lincoln MKC. They are primarily a Ford dealer selling a lot of Pickups here in Texas. I hope with the increased sales they can afford to invest in a modern Lincoln showroom. Right now it is mostly a very nice Ford dealer. Visit a Lexus, BMW, Audi, etc. dealer and see what I mean.

We had tickets to the UT vs Texas A&M Polo Match in Lockhart, TX, so we took the Toll road that allowed us to legally do 80 and 85 mph. UT won by one goal. The MKC felt solid and held the road great. I used the Adaptive Cruise Control and Collision Warning system and it slowed down for slower traffic and resumed to 85 as I changed lanes. You can feel torque steer under strong acceleration, I will have to drive a four wheel version to see if that eliminates it. Since it is still warm here in Texas, the cooled seat were great. I never thought it was something I would ever be interested in.

The GPS and entertainment system worked great, I had no problems what so ever. The only thing I had to get use to was that you cannot enter the street address number before entering the street name. I had a chance to use the Blind spot and Cross-traffic Alert, worked as it should.

Later that evening we went into Austin for dinner at Wink Restaurant courtesy of Lincoln. It’s an outstanding small restaurant. When we got back to the car and the Welcome mat light came on which was nice. I have something similar on my Land Rover LR2 but the Lincoln one was more pronounced. We finished the evening by driving down Austin’s 6th street, the entertainment district in Austin, and then headed home.

On Sunday we headed out to Perissos Vineyard and Winery in Burnet, TX. First time there, a beautiful place with some really great wine. We were able to drive on some small county roads and the MKC handled well with great control and breaking. The loaner was not equipped with the optional Continuously Control Damping (CCD) which is something I am interested in. But I did not have any complaints with the standard ride. I really enjoy how quiet it is. We used the SiriusXM radio and stream music from my iPhone via Bluetooth. The standard radio was installed and it worked fine.

I have used Ford’s Sync in a number of rentals over the years and the latest version is simple to use and laid out well. I wish it was a little faster, but I wish that on all the cars I have driven no matter what the brand. I did not use the voice commands, so I can’t comment on it.

Part of the reason I wanted to do the date night was to get my wife to experience the car. She is on her second BMW and has had a couple of Mercedes Benz and a Lexus. She was very much against a “Lincoln”. She had now become a believer in the MKC and the value it offers. Now I just need to sell my Land Rover.
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