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My First Lincoln

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Hey to all. This is my first Lincoln. We went with the MKC Select, Luxe Metallic with the white sand and Expresso interior. I hope to learn more about this car via this site and where I can source some accessories for me and the car. My internet search has shown there is not a lot out there for the Lincoln brand.

I'm still learning about the features of the MKC but so far I am very pleased with the car.

So ya'll help keep me in line til I learn the lay of the land here and forgive any dumb or obvious questions I may ask.
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Congratulations. The MKC is my first Lincoln also. Growing up my dad had a '72 Town Car and a '78 Town Car. I'm sure he could store a lot more in the trunks of those cars than can fit in my MKC :) I know he and his buddies would go on golf trips so there would be 4 men, 4 sets of golf clubs plus their luggage and there was still room to spare.
Awesome. Congrats! It's a great car. I like the color you chose. Ask anything you want!
Welcome to this neck 0f the woods,nice choice on the colour combo. Did you get a 2015 or 2016 model year? May I suggest taking a minute and put all pertaining info in your sig, if you have a problem, people will ask you what year/equipment group ect you have, You can easily view my sig at the bottom of my post, that should give you an idea what I am referring to.Enjoy your time here, there's a really good group of owners in this forum,happy posting!
The MKC is my first Lincoln also!! I picked my vehicle up on feb 3rd and have only seen one on the road so far, I'm sure the cool factor will disappear as more pop up on the roads!! But it's ok hope u love urs the way I love mines!!
I got mine in June 2015 and I have yet to see another MKC on the road.
I see a lot of them in the northern suburbs of Chicago.
Second Lincoln here. My first was this 2000 LS V6 Sport 5 speed. Yes, this was not a commercial hit (only about 3000 ever built with the Getrag box), but what a nice car.
This shot was taken at a local road course where my son and I were having driver training. She got around very well.
Had this car in the family 15 years.


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I got mine in June 2015 and I have yet to see another MKC on the road.
Seems Peterborough loves the MKC...I see quite a few driving around here,a good presence of Lincoln cars.:smile
Thanks for the welcome. I'll get up to speed with signs and avatars in the next few days. No Lincoln dealership here in Carrollton, Ga. so I have yet to see another MKC in our area. To answer one of the questions, mine is a 2016.

My last new car was a 2003 Durango so the increase in technology in cars today is amazing to me. Heck, I even had to trade in my non-blue tooth flip phone to be able to link to the Sync3 system. My son calls me Analog Man in a digital world and I started to use that as my handle but I am ThunderBubba over on so I just stuck with that. I'm still going through old threads to find answers to questions but I will be posting regularly.
Welcome again. The MKC is the wife's car but I enjoy driving it so much I take it to work on occasion (like today) and leave her my 2014 Jeep. Her previous ride was a 2011 Ford Edge - I never took that to work.
Since there has not been a Lincoln dealership here for about 20 years, a Lincoln is rarely ever seen.
Our one year MKC ownership anniversary is in 3 days and we have yet to see another one on the road. That includes 5600 miles in road trips between mid-October to the present.
Congrats on your new ride!
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