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My New MKC still in the bubble wrap

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Hi All,

Thought you might want to see what the MKC looks like when its delivered to the dealer. I've posted pictures of mine built April 2 and delivered April 22 in the gallery section, hopefully all the issues reported to date have been resolved on this one :) The Dealer, Donway Ford in Toronto was kind enough to take pictures for me. My Sales Rep tells me the vehicle was pulled off the line for Secondary Quality Assurance Testing, looking at the odometer looks like they took it for a spin. Will find out what else they did. I can't actually pick it up till Friday unless I take a sick day :)
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Very interesting pictures. Looks like the assembly plant takes a lot of care in wrapping things up for shipment. For all the cars that I've ordered new, I've never been able to see what they looked like as shipped from the factory. I think your salesperson must have your interest in mind to take these pics and send them to you.

Hope you enjoy your MKC, like we have ours.
I was hoping to see the exterior covered up more, as in having plastic all over the hood, grille, headlights. Having worked at a BMW dealer and done a number of PDI's myself, that's what i've noticed to be effective.
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