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A couple of days now with my MKC. A few comments...

1. The MyLincoln app works great. Pinpoints the vehicle location. Shows how much fuel is left and starts the engine flawlessly.
2. The exterior lighting is striking and I thought I'd find the 'welcome mat' as gimmicky. It may be, but I like it and my 23 year old daughter thought it was fantastic.
3. Very nice execution of the interior lights and ambient lighting. No complaints.
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Thanks for sharing the info.

I have the MKC at the top of my shopping list, so a few questions.

Any particular ambient light color you're loving more than another?

With the app can you set the temperature of the climate control when you remote start? What about the heated or cooled seats (if equipped)?
Still experimenting. Currently trying out blue. You cannot set any temperatures or turn on the seats using the mobile app. However (when remote started) the MKC will turn on the heated/cooled seats and heated steering wheel depending on the outside temperature. The heating or cooling system will maintain interior temp whether in auto or last setting. Remote app allows you to 1. See messages (I assume when service is recommended). 2. Show the current location of the vehicle. 3. Contact Roadside Assistance. 4. Remote start (visible countdown timer) and extend time if necessary. 5. Set a remote start schedule. 6. Lock/unlock doors. 7. View fuel level and odometer reading. Hope this helps out
That helps thanks!

It's nice that it automatically does the temp and seats by the outside temp. Curious if in some of this toasty weather it would crank those cooled seats :)
Thx to Rbiowa, I now have the MyLincoln Mobile app, too. :).
It is only available for download from the "iPhone only" apps selector view. If searching for it on the iPad, with the default "iPad only" view, it is unavailable.
It's very neat once it activates!
Glad to hear this good news about the MKC. I've been wondering about the welcome mat. Such a weird feature, and I'm not sure if I'll find it stupid, or a fun extra thing. Glad to hear you like it though. Didn't know you could change the color.
How can you change the color for the welcome mat & how many color choices are there?
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