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expresso/candy wanted to get back to cameras quick...

I have all sonys. Always had sonys except for two tries with a canon and Panasonic...went right back to the sonys with Zeiss Lenses.

Currently I have hx60v (older don't use since I got my hx400/v), wx500, hx400v/b, and my a6000 mirror less with the 16-50 and 50-210 lenses. I also have GoPro hero 4 black and Sony HD hard drive video camera for videos.

I'm just an "amateur" so I picked up the a6000setup used actually to learn and practice. It's a mirror less and takes some nice pictures but since I got my hx400 I rarely take it out because I'm usually on the go and the hx400 with the huge zoom is convenient. It's hard for me to carry around a lot and stop to change lenses and settings (I have impatient travelers with me unfortunately :smile). So although I want a nice DSLR with a bag full of lenses I can't justify right now. One day and when I learn and get better it will make more sense.

Have my eye on the new rx1r though..

How is Leica? I heard good things about those too?
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