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Need advice on buying a car

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Hi all! Please help me with the choice of car. I want something like this What do you think about that?
Thanks for answers.
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my copy and paste from another post:
My BEST advice is to take the VIN number in to the service bay area (lincoln or ford) and ask for an OASIS report. Tell them you're looking to see what service work has been done on it. You are looking for a very short list and with things on the list being of minor vs "transmission" work, "Electrical", etc... (my advice: walk away from cars with major work)

I used edmunds to value what I should be paying.

Good luck and tell us what you did do.

PS dark paint colors tend to show scratches easily. before purchase take it to a do-it-yourself car wash and wash off any possible spray-on product that could hide scratches.
Sorry for bumping into an old conversation. The 2017 Lincoln MKC looks like a nice car, and if it fits your needs and budget, it could be an excellent choice for you. However, before you make a final decision, I recommend researching the car's reliability, maintenance costs, and any potential issues owners have experienced. Also, use door to door auto transport to get it home in the best condition. I hope that helps!
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