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Well the 2016 website just went live today so we can play with the options - finally!
Been planning on buying the wife a Select MKC. While she really likes the new Burgundy exterior neither the Black (boring and hot) nor the White (not practical with a Labrador) interior was of interest. Happy to see the White/Expresso addition and will order. We have both driven the 16's and she will be counting down the days till delivery.
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Burgundy with the Expresso interior will look really nice. Glad to have you on the forum!

Any idea when the 2016 models will arrive? Have you actually put in the order yet?
Any idea when the 2016 models will arrive?
2016 models are on dealers lots. I bought one last week.
Thanks for the heads up! I'm going to take my time on the trims and packages. Have you decided on your's yet?
The burgundy color is nice. Can't figure out why they wouldn't offer the hazelnut interior with that color... I think it would look awesome together.

Do you find that the car looks almost purple in some lighting? I always thought of burgundy as a tiny bit more red than this. More like what the color reads in this photo.

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Saw the color in person (from afar)on an overcast day. Definitely looks more red to me than purple. I've also seen the Tahitian pearl color and THATS purple. Leans towards the black side and switches back to looking more purple in different lighting. This burgundy velvet looks more like the ruby red in bright sun it seems and leans towards dark red in low light. I'd like to see it more up close. It's a metallic color right? Is there any flake/sparkle in the paint?
The Burgundy is definitely metallic and looks totally different in the sunlight vs the garage. Walked up to one in the showroom and from a distance it's almost black.
Either way it's the wife's favorite so what I thk is irrelevant although I also like it.
Agree on the comment on the inability to get the Hazelnut interior however as it would add richness to the package.
Realize we could get Hazelnut with the Reserve pkg and black exterior but both are a no go.
Seeing unique colors like this from Lincoln has me wondering what else they'll come out with, might be worth it to look into what other colors other brands offer that seem like what Lincoln might eventually have a version of.
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