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New MKC Spy Photos?

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oddly the MKC is still being spotted out and about in semi camo. Here's one that was caught running around with a full frontal mask, speculation is Hybrid or Energi derivative, I'm leaning towards Energi as the architecture is already in place from the Focus...

and encouraging the MKC was spotted with an Ecoboost Mustang on the freeway, for what I'm not sure but the two do share a 2.3L Ecoboost engine...

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The hybrid or Energi speculation seems reasonable, particularly since part of the test car's lower grille is blocked.
I would be all over a Hybrid or Energi option. I've gone a year on one tank of gas with our Fusion. As you mentioned the technology is already there, all they need to do is secure their place in this market segment where Hybrids or PEHVs are obviously missing.
seeing the both of these being tested together does raise a lot of questions.
here's another with the front covered up hmmm....

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