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Hey everyone! New MKC owner (as of last night!) Also, first Ford product, stickily speaking I am a GM kind of guy, but the last car I had was a Jeep Liberty, so I guess I'm not so "GM" any more. (Loved the Jeep, was sad to see it go.)

So far so good, there are so many cool features.

I have one question and I can't find a good resource. The app is really cool. I love controlling the car with the app. BUT, I don't have an iPhone or Android. I have a Windows phone. I like my Windows phone and I don't really want to give it up (yet!) so I was just wondering; A) If anyone has heard that they might add some of the "app" features to the web site? This would be good for anyone, especially if they do not have a cell phone. B) Is there a third party website that might offer this functionality? C) There is an unofficial "MyFord" app for the Windows phone, but I can't log in to my Lincoln account with it, should I be able too? Are they the same? (When I try to login to on my computer it redirects me to and logs me in.)

Thanks for any information. - Steven
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