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Oil burning smell

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2.3L with 1800kms. Today with the temps @-25C noticed a definite oil burning smell. I thought 3 days ago there was a hint of oil burning smell but I was in a lot of city traffic. I had a look underneath and looked in the fresh snow but couldn't see a trace of any leaks.

We have not noticed this before until these colder temperatures. Has anyone else in the colder climates noticed the same? Is it possible it's a vent line that starts to plug off in the cold temps and it drips onto the hot exhaust?
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Do you think it could just be that the engine isn't warmed up enough, given how cold it is outside?

A couple simple questions:

1. Does this only seem to happen when it's really cold?
2. Does it go away after driving for 10 minutes or so?
3. If you let the car run (sitting idle) for 10 minutes before driving does that help?
I too have this issue. MKC was delivered in October. Burned tar like odor was noticeable early on right after shutting car off and standing near the front of the car. Particularly noticeable in confined space such as garage. Casual mention to dealer received response that it was probably due to some of the assembly adhesives or coatings burning off and that it should go away. Situation continued in cold weather only outside of car. Have since driven car to Florida and now smell is detected coming through the dash vents in the warmer weather. Engine oil is full and there are no external drips on the ground. Just took car to Florida dealership who could find nothing via an undercarriage inspection on hoist. Car now has 3000 miles. Florida dealer contacted Ford's Tech-line who responded there was no known cases or issues of such a recurring problem. Would like to know if anyone can share any info.
I too have this issue. MKC was delivered in October. Burned tar like odor was noticeable early on right after shutting car off and standing near the front of the car.
Which engine?
That's two 2.3's with this issue.

Is the 2.3 new this year or has it been around for a few years?

(I'd still like to know why Lincoln doesn't think the 2.3 is capable of towing as much as the 2.0 L.)
Sorry it took so long to reply back. Been very busy.

Originally we thought it was a cold weather problem. It did warm up shortly after and the smell went away. However it has been warmer and my wife says the smell has returned, I will get a chance to drive it tomorrow and try to look it over again.

sg021, this originally surfaced when it was cold during long warm up times. The wife is only 5 minutes from work so it's hard to tell if it went a longer distance if it would go away.

JeffS, ours comes through the vents as well. As far as tar or other assembly oils I would hope that it's burned off already. It worries me as we had an Edge which had a leaking axle seal when new. Smell is similar but the Edge was horribly strong and never went away.

I have watched since and never seen any drips on the ground and the engine oil is still full.
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Wing burner: I am familiar with heavy truck axle lube and my MKC odor is very similar. If in fact the seal is inside a half shaft flex boot, it might not be visible as a leak. Again the dealer did not find anything.
pdqford: 2.3L is actually brand new for 2015, available on the MKC and Mustang. Initial units were mfg in Spain, hence the thought of some protective coating being applied for the ocean trip which would then get burned off during first miles...but everyone would be complaining if this were true.

Does anyone have contact at Ford/Lincoln to pursue more formally?
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