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Oil Changes

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We recently had our second oil change done since purchasing our MKC. The first oil change was done at a Lincoln dealership and the second one was done at a Ford dealership. We live about an hour away from the closest Lincoln dealer so it is more convenient to go to a Ford garage. I am the type of person who normally services our cars myself and am rather picky about how work is completed. After getting both services completed, I always check the oil level when we get home due to my OCD. Both times oil was smeared all over the nice Lincoln plastic engine cover. I don't know why technicians can't spend an extra minute to correctly wipe excess oil off of the engine cover. It drives me crazy.
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Tell the Service Manager

Did you say anything to the service departments? I am sure Management would like to know that the service is below par....
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I would Say Something.
I hate when they just don't Care Attatude.
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