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Oil Life Gauge?

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Does the MKC have an oil life percentage guage? I didn't see it in the settings. My Explorer and all other Fords had it.

I am bringing it in for my first oil change. It has less than 5k on it.

There is no fix for the Siruis issue right? I was thinking of emailing Siruis and including a link to this forum. Maybe they will look into it.

My heated seats do not get that hot. I thought I read about this issue being mentioned.

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yes... there is an oil change indicator... try scrolling through the left side menus or check the user manual. It is sensitive to time and engine demand

Check the TSB and this forum for Sirius issue.

You are correct about the heated seats. Check the forum.
Micmitc77 do you have a Reserve modle? It seem the " VENTERLATED / heated " in reserve take longer to heat up.
I will have to make sure when I test drive 2016 RDX next month I try out there VENTERLATED/heated seats to. See if they warm up quickly. Hopefully Lincoln adds this to he list to fix in 2016 modle year.
Yes Jeff. Fully loaded
Yes Jeff. Fully loaded
That seams to be the problem that VENTERLATED / heated seats are having hard time heating up & do not get as hot as just regular heated seats . I guess it different technology and Lincoln will have to tweak it better in the 2016 modle year.
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