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Oil Life Gauge?

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Does the MKC have an oil life percentage guage? I didn't see it in the settings. My Explorer and all other Fords had it.

I am bringing it in for my first oil change. It has less than 5k on it.

There is no fix for the Siruis issue right? I was thinking of emailing Siruis and including a link to this forum. Maybe they will look into it.

My heated seats do not get that hot. I thought I read about this issue being mentioned.

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I really have not noticed oil life, maybe it is there. I never ever had one I felt worked near correctly anyway. I go by mileage and or time frame and view the oil stick for any variance. I plan to go at the 6 months as they set up. Which will be just fine.

No their not hot like Heated only seats. Heated and Cooled Seats are a give and take combo. They share the space, not fully independent like a home's HVAC.
While I have yet to own an MKC, as i'm still weighing out my options, from what I see on Lincolns website, this should be of help:

Intelligent Oil-Life Monitor
IOLM is a feature found in your vehicle’s instrument cluster message center. IOLM notifies you at key oil change intervals by displaying alerts such as “Engine Oil Change Soon” or “Oil Change Required.” The system also alerts you when your fuel filters need maintenance or fuel pressure is low.

IOLM uses an algorithm to calculate your oil change intervals based on actual engine operating conditions. The system must be reset after each oil change. Not doing so will result in a premature “Oil Change Required” alert.

For specific IOLM applications, please refer to your Owner's Manual. IOLM is now available in the majority of 2011 and later model-year Lincoln vehicles.
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