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I will confess that recently I have not paid close attention to a few cases of discussions that devolved into personal insults. I apologize.

Those of you who have been here a long time may recall the half-dozen or more daily spam postings before we had any moderators. Those days are gone, although there continue to be half-hearted attempts every so often. Personally, I think there are few attempts because they rarely last long. Some credit for that is to those members who report spam postings so we can nail them sooner.

Ideally, spam killing should be about the only thing a moderator should ever have to do. Unfortunately, there are times when less pleasant duties arise. Of late, a few otherwise valuable members, have acted in ways that annoy others. I've deleted a few posts and closed a thread -- both much later in the escalation of hostilities than I might have, but I don't read every post.

So, in the interests of us all getting along, from this point on, I make the following requests:

If you are personally attacked, please do not respond in the forums. If it's just someone being a little annoying, shrug it off. If it offends you, report the post to the moderators.

If you are not attacked yourself, but see an attack and response in any of the forums, please report the response post to the moderators.

Again, I apologize to those who feel a moderator should have stepped in sooner.

BTW I have been asked to delete the APP thread and thought it appropriate to do so. If anyone would like to start a new thread about it, please go ahead and do so.
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