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Park Assist will Un Park you as Well!

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I believe this is a new feature added to the ford park assist function. The MKC will parallel park you like the other Fords do, however when you want to leave it will also handle exiting the space as well while you operate the pedals.

I guess for some it really is that hard :p:cool:

One of the options independent of trim levels is the new active park assist, which finds an appropriately large parallel space and steers into it as you operate the pedals. What’s new about it is that it also steers you out of the space, which perhaps is important given the way a tallish CUV’s body can make it hard to find the corners.
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There is a point where technology makes us stupid. This however would be helpful for some drivers. For others just a gimmick that won't be used or something that will break.
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