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Picked up my MKC

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I ordered a black MKC but my dealer called and said I should take a look at a red one he just received. My order is now scheduled for mid July with an expected arrival the first week of August. I have to admit I'm anxious and when I saw the red...sold.

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I saw the red one at the auto-show. It's nice with the clear coating. I don't blame you. I'm a man, and when I saw it on display, I sorta wanted to hug it. :)
How exciting!! That is such a gorgeous red!
Congrats! Looks exactly like my color combo on order -- ruby red w/hazelnut interior. Nice to see one in someone's driveway!
Wait, WAIT. You've got her home already? WELL, a big congrats to you as I'm fairly certain you're our first MKC owner :D:D:D
Love mine and I'm sure you'll love yours too. Congratulations!
Nice. It looks like the front license bracket may actually screw in under the lip on the front bumper instead of directly into the front cover. Can you tell if that's the case?
awesome, great color choice.

did you at least make sure to test drive one before you bought this?
did you test drive any other vehicles from other brands.
I drove this one. No. I didn't test drive others. I had my mind made up on the MKC. Originally ordered black but I'm glad this one came in and I was too anxious to wait. Red was my first choice but I was afraid to order it sight unseen.

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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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