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POI Navigation Voice Commands

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We can not get our navigation system to recognize POI categories using voice commands. The categories display on the touch screen but none of them can be selected by voice. Anyone else having this problem? I contacted a Lincoln "chat" rep who said he would get back to me in about one week but never did.
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We use the poi category regularly and it works, but you have to give the category just as written in the list of poi's. Any variance doesn't seem to be recognized. So we tend to use the poi selection "by name" versus "by category". But it can be a little dicey depending on whether it recognizes your accent. Also I am not sure how up to date the data is as it doesn't recognize our local Thriftys which was built about 3 yrs. ago. And also saying nearby versus in the city seems to bring better results. We had MyFordTouch for 2 yrs. so we are used to the little quirks. i.e. it can work like a charm or it can have you shouting at it in frustration lol.
POI categories are not recognized using voice commands even though I read them exactly as they are displayed on the screen, however the system does work for searches "by name". Called Lincoln support and had the rep listen by phone (not connected by BlueTooth) as I sat in the car and attempted a search. She recommended removing and re-seating the SD card which did not help. Next suggestion was a Master Reset which also did not solve the problem. Next suggestion was to take the car to the dealer for service.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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