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I purchased mine exactly 30 days ago, sticker price on my vehicle was 45,050, it's a 2.3 awd reserve with climate package and the tri coat platinum white paint as the only options. The window sticker also included a $740 discount for the AWD because the dealer was located in the Northeast. It was a dealer ordered car and had arrived the day I went shopping and was still wrapped up from shipping and had not yet been inspected. After short negotiation My dealer priced me at $42,450 which included a $1000 conquest incentive most people seem to be eligible for and $1600 dealer discount which I negotiated as I was willing to buy that day, did not require financing, and was willing to take the vehicle even though it wasn't optioned exactly how I wanted it nor was it the color I wanted.

All told I was at the dealer less than 3 hours and it was a simple no pressure negotiation, in the end even though my MKC isn't exactly what I would have gotten if I had ordered myself I'm extremely happy with the price, service and, most importantly I love the vehicle itself.

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Coppied and pasted from another thread I posted in on the forum, this was with in the past 60ish days

$41,565 MSRP
Price paid is $37,250+tax and registration

Also got the following items free
Window tint
Touch up paint kit
All weather cargo mat and floor mats
Reversable cargo mat
Free mount and balance of tires for life of vehicle

Also free items I didin't ask for
Free tank of gas everytime the car is brought in for service
Free ipad
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