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Remote app improvements

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Hi folks

Just wanted to share a communication I sent and received from Lincoln about the remote app features and suggestions. They listen so if you have ideas make sure you send them in for improvements!!

Hello Trevor,

My name is Elaine Grimm and I am a Client Relationship Manager at the Lincoln Canada Client Relationship Center. I have received your email regarding your suggestions about the features available on the MyLincoln app.

Adding the ability to open and close the doors and the moonroof with the MyLincoln app are great suggestions. I will forward these to the right department and I am glad that the rain did not get into your vehicle.

Thank you for writing to us with your suggestion and for your interest in Lincoln Motor Company.

Elaine Grimm

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Received: 4/22/2015 8:54 PM
To: Lincoln Canada – Email – Concierge English - LINCCONE
Subject: MKC remote app suggestion

Thanks for the great app for my MKC

There's a feature Id like to be able to control. The ability to open or close the doors but more importantly the moonroof. There was an instance this week where I thought I might have left the roof open during a rainstorm. Thankfully it wasn't the case but being able to close it remotely from the app would have given me more peace of mind.

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