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Removing Front License Plate

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My MKC is the first car I've bought...ever...that had the front license plate already installed. I live in Louisiana where this is not required. However, my MKC was one the dealer had swapped in from Texas, where front plates are required.

I went to remove the plate other day and was unsuccessful. There are two recessed screws on either side, drilled into the front bumper, then there is some sort of plastic tab dead center. It did not come out with gentle pulling so I left it at that for fear of deforming the bumper underneath.

Any tips or hints for getting this off?
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They should come off easily with the use of just a screwdriver. Take it back to the dealer and make them do it. Since your car should be registered in Louisiana, they should have given you temporary tags and removed those from Texas. Unless I'm missing something, you leaving the dealership with out of state tags makes absolutely no sense to me.
No its not that they didn't remove the tags, they just didn't remove the license plate HOLDER. Sorry I should have been more clear. :)
Gotcha...then I think you may have a problem if you are able to remove the holder. #1 , you'd have 2 screw holes exposed in the bumper and #2 , once removed, I hope the paint underneath looks to be in good should be, but who knows. Once again, I'd go back to the dealer and explain the situation and they should not only remove it, but if they are decent folks, they may fill in those holes for you at their body shop - all at no cost. I bought my car at a dealer that was over 60 miles from home simply because they gave me a much better deal then my local dealerships. However I brought the car to the local dealer for service, and since I hated the big obtrusive advertising plate that the selling dealer had glued on to my back bumper, I asked the other dealer to remove it. Since it was glued on, it required some work from the body shop and they had no problem doing what I had requested at no charge. Hopefully you'll have the same result.
I had a similar experience with my wife's MKZ which was dealer-traded from a state requiring a front plate, whereas my state, Indiana, does not. My dealer ignored my every request to remove the plate and repair the obtrusive holes in the Light Dune Metallic front bumper. Ultimately I fixed it myself by using nylon, interior body panel push-on fasteners painted the same color. I used OEM touch-up paint as well as primer. My salesman tried to convince me to display their rediculous, cartoonish dealer plate on our car when I made it clear from the very beginning I wanted NO stickers, badges, plates, etc., of any kind on the vehicle. They ignored me - I removed them all. By the way, the dealer is Tom Roush in Central Indiana. I let Lincoln know about the arrogance displayed by the dealership. They told me it wasn't the first time they'd heard that. Lincoln extended our warranty by a year which was not what I was after but it was nice. I made the same demand on my MKC ( but no front plate!) to no avail. I removed those stickers too. I'll bet the Lincoln designers have a cow when they see all the ugly dealer junk stuck on their beautiful works of art!
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Thanks guys! Yeah, unless I get impatient, I will probably just wait until my license plate comes in then make them do it then. From what I can see, the paint still looks fine. The holes were already pre-drilled in my Mustang's bumper when I got it so I won't sweat it. With my dark color paint, I don't think the holes will show up.
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