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I though of starting a thread for Spring and Summer Vacations.

The wife and I on a 1,372 Mile round trip down to the Smoky Mountains. About 12/88 city/highway averaged 22.9 for 28.18 running time. My gallon division yielded 22.5. I tend to move along with the faster sheep.

The MKC handled very well, we never tired of the drive. Governed out at 118, uphill! Once out of MI and some OH poor roadways, I switched to Sport Ride which gave a firmer steering in the cross/head winds. Sport Trans handled great on the Mountain roads, which is what it is intended for. Sirius was fine all the way, but for some normal few seconds of buffering in the Mountains and Tunnels. Navigation worked excellent and voice commands were great too. I did use 93 for like 3/4's of the trip, but as I figured can't tell the difference to speak of.

The MKC was a complete pleasure to drive. We tend to bring along one and half of what we need.


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