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2019 MKC Select with 16,200 miles.

This past Friday while on a relatively smooth back road I had a pop-up message that my Select Track needed service, and to hit 'ok' to continue. I hit ok, and didn't have any further error messages. I was scheduled for winter tire changeover and oil change yesterday, so I called my dealer's service department to let them know about the error so they'd have time to diagnose the code which I anticipated had been set.

Yesterday, there was an un-eventful trip to the dealership, around 65 miles, service done, and their computer malfunctioned, had to be rebooted, and then my code read 'U0415 - invalid data received from ABS control module not currently present'. Service Mgr said to report if it returned and come in for service again and they'd reprogram the module.

Two hours later when I returned home while backing up into my parking space there was a loud tapping/clunk which sounded like it was in the rear end. When I pulled forward to park it stopped. I had an errand to run later that day, and when I backed into the parking space, same clunk, and then when leaving the errand, going downhill I heard a relatively loud flappita-flappita type sound so I thought I had a flat tire, however no tire issues, and no warning lights. I continued on towards home and whenever I had a load on the transmission for lack of a better description by going uphill, there was no noise, but as soon as I hit a level spot or went downhill, the noise returned and it was speed related. Today the tapping sound seems to be more central in the rear of the engine compartment, below the floor and central.

The dealership sales staff late in the afternoon (Sat) couldn't tell me if it was safe to drive back tomorrow morning. There were no warning lights with the noise.

Has anyone encountered this issue, and will it be safe to drive or should I have the dealer flatbed it with a loaner?
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