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Service: rear gate alignment at dealer.

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So, the MKC is at the dealer so they can take a closer look at what's going on with the rear gate, happened twice so far....stumbles and does not fully open, OR stumbles and does not engage latch to close....hoping they will resolve it
The rental MKC they gave me is pretty much a stripped version of mine, not sure what the trip level is, but not liking it:
No telescoping steering wheel, no cooled seats,info screen is totally different than mine,no ride settings available, and a bunch more "features" I understand it's a loaner...but wow does it become apparent from one model to the other!
Hopefully, it will be done sometime today!
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I guess it all comes down to what you're used to. My wife has the Select and loves it. As with anything, once you get used to having something it seems hard to live without it.
Just picked it up and got home...the rear gate looks much better when you look at the two side equal on both sides, the latch was replaced with the new one...the stock latch was foreman showed where it was sticking....the release mechanism would get hung 4 out of the 20 times we cycled it open/close...he also greased the new one with some automotive while Lithium grease....smooth as silk now...hopefully this resolved the issues I was having with it...again, they washed and cleaned the interior and exterior beautifully and hung an air fresher off the centre rear interior mirror! LOL....not a big deal, but a nice touch, the inside smells of fresh pine! Canadian! hehehe!
He left the work order open just in case things are not fully resolved, overall great experience!!!
Side Note, I forgot to mention;
They also topped up my tank with 91 Shell, I know, because I was down a quarter when I dropped it off...noticed the gauge was right up so called and they said, yeah you were down a bit so we topped your tank up with Shell 91!
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Hope your hatch problem is resolved. I miss not getting my car washed and cleaned. When I had my Toyotas and Lexus it got washed every time it was in for service. With the MKC and not having a Lincoln dealer here, only Ford, it never gets washed. I asked why not and was told it is because the dealership is on well water which is very hard and would leave spots on the finish. So another Lincoln perk that I have to do without.
That's just too bad CountryGuy....Holiday Ford is in the city, downtown Peterborough and they are on city water....they also run the power washer through a calcium magnet, looks like some kinda trap of sorts.....water feels REALLY slick, almost like reverse osmoses ( I have that in my house) when I shower, I just have to use a minuscule drop of shampoo or I'll be rinsing my hair for hrs! lol
A close friend of mine from Toronto is coming up this coming weekend...he's a professional automotive detailer and been in the business for over 30 years....him and his wife are spending the weekend with us....Saturday we are going to do a FULL body detailing to the Mustang GT's Candy Red with a rotary buffer then apply sealer and wax & polish....while the girls are out shopping!!! LOL
He's done it for me last year as well, and it was amazing how he pulled a few swirls I had on the trunk....he works with light stands and some kind of high intensity bulbs,one side at a the time he finished it, it looked like it was dipped in liquid honey lol....once it's done, it will get covered with a soft flannel cover to keep the fine dust off, ready for spring!
He works out of the Porsche dealership off Davenport old office was right next door to them for many years!
Glad to hear that things went smoothly for you. Since I posted my Liftgate thread we haven't had any issues with it opening. I still however, want to get the Liftgate re-aligned so that the gaps are the same on both sides.
The realignment turned out great....both sides are now equal on both sides,and the closing mechanism seems to be working perfectly!
The realignment turned out great....both sides are now equal on both sides,and the closing mechanism seems to be working perfectly!
Do you know exactly what was adjusted? I'd like to be able to relay that info to my Ford Body Shop. I have the only MKC in town so they aren't all that familiar with it.
In my case, they adjusted the passenger side hinge.
it was slightly moved toward the front to reduce the gap.
I was still getting the issue with "open lift gate, but does not lift" and took it in....
The hitch lock was replaced along with this:
Verified customer concern,scanned RGTM, got code B144F:13 followed pin point test which led to symptom chart Diag of lift gate, which led to reinitialize the power lift gate.
6313 inspect for concern check calibration update,set to latest setting and recheck the operation, working properly.
This is all Japanese to me...have no idea what it all means,BUT lift gate is now working as it should be,and according to dealership....I should not have any more issues with the lift gate.The fact they also changed the lift gate hitch (lock) tells me it was somehow defective and replaced it, and ran tests to confirm all is working as it should....I opened it and closed it a bunch of times,working good now....we'll see how good this is in due course!
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