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Siri eyes free question

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So awesome we now have better Siri integration. I know about the steering wheel button and the sync 3 users have a nice big button on their touch screens as well.

I poked around the phone screens and don't notice that we have a button on our screen for Siri unless I missed it. Does anyone know if the update also added a touch screen button (that I'm missing) or is it just the steering wheel button?
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I haven't been on the forum for a long while. What does this thread mean? Can you explain please? I am guessing that it means if you have an iphone you get some new features?
You hold down the round 'home' button at the bottom of the phone to activate Siri.
The new 3.8 sync update adds Siri functionality to sync/steering wheel. Instead of having to pick up your phone (iPhone users) to push the Siri button you can now use the steering wheel button.

For those without iPhones Siri is a function that allows you to voice control functions on your phone. I specifically use it to dictate and send texts and emails while driving.
Thanks for the answers. I have a Blackberry. Can't manage a virtual keyboard and love the physical one with my BB.
Moretti, I'm and I have 2015's that has Sync 2 and no Siri integration that I'm aware of, so how does an upgrade to the Sync 3 system help us?
Moretti, I'm and I have 2015's that has Sync 2 and no Siri integration that I'm aware of, so how does an upgrade to the Sync 3 system help us?
Ford released a new Sync2 update (for MFT/MLT) that add the Siri/iPhone integration. No button has been added on the display... just the functionality of a long press on the voice button will act just like you did a long press on your iPhone button... bringing Siri up to see how she can help you.

I did the update to my Wife's 2013 Escape with MFT/Sync2... went without a hitch.

So again... this is a Sync2/My Ford Touch/My Lincoln Touch update. It adds the same Siri integration we have with Sync3... you just don't have the Siri button on the display like Sync3 has. Which frankly, I see no use for, if I am going to use it, I will do the long press on my voice button.
When did this upgrade become available? Does Siri only work on the iPhone 6 or does it include the 5's? And to think that when I brought the car to my dealer for service a month ago they said that since the Sync 3 is coming out there will be no more upgrades to the Sync 2. Unbelievable...thank you. Does this mean that they may still make Sync 2 upgrades in the future?
The 3.8 update worked just fine on my 2015 MKC (iPhone 5S) and on my wife's 2014 MKZ (iPhone 5).
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