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How do you use Siri hands free? In my '13 Explorer with sync I would just hold down the voice command button. Is it different in the Lincoln or is it not available?
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That's what I do to activate it.. I have the '17 model. Also, there is a place in the touchscreen under setting that activates Siri.
i couldn't find anything in the settings, it's a 2015
i couldn't find anything in the settings, it's a 2015
It sounds like you may need to update to the latest version of SYNC 3.2 before Siri will appear.
i couldn't find anything in the settings, it's a 2015
I have a 2015 MKC also... You need to go to the Lincoln Owners Website. You need to Log-in or Register if you are not registered.

Official Lincoln Owner Site | Owner Services | Luxury Cars, Crossovers, & SUV's

Once Registered and Logged in, select "SYNC & VEHICLE FEATURES" towards the top.

The Select "CHECK FOR SOFTWARE UPDATES" sort of on the right side. It will then tell you if you are running the most recent version of Sync for your car. If you are not on the most recent verison, I think it gives you Links and instructions on how to update. For the 2015, it is V3.8 which has been out since roughly October 2015. This version activated Siri Eyes Free. As far as I remember, there is nothing in the settings that you need to do. You just need the update and you are good to go. From the update description....

"Siri® Eyes Free*:
Now iPhone users can use Siri® Eyes Free with SYNC® with MyFord Touch®. With simple voice commands, SYNC® with MyFord Touch® enables you to operate the iPhone and SYNC® together. Siri® Eyes Free can be activated by pressing and holding the voice button for at least 3 seconds."

FWIW - It is the voice button that is on the steering wheel, not the button on your phone that you usually use to activate Siri.
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I am registered and it says my software is up to date.
KenZ is correct.
Depress the steering wheel voice button briefly for Sync voice.
Depress same for 3 (ish) seconds and Siri is activated.
No special setup required, just link your iPhone to Sync. At least on Sync3.
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