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Hello All,

I wanted to see if any of you have this issue or I am just the lucky one...

Every once in a while, I use the SiriusXM app function to check in on my home team (Houston) scores and schedule. I don't have an active radio/music subscription, but I do have the Weather/Scores/AppLinks for 5 years as part of Lincoln's offer when I purchased the vehicle. Weather, Traffic and everything else works fine, however, I note that almost always I have to re-add my teams to the Sports part of it because it forgets them. I am not sure how often it lose its memory as I don't use it very often (a couple of times a month while waiting for a light), but it seems like I have to add every time. Anybody else have this issue? I suspect the fact that I don't have a radio sub is the issue, but that defeats the purpose of having the AppLink sub.

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